The Process

MIBTrack from BBRTC (Pty) Ltd, is a control solution for the introduction of models for Vehicle Manufacturers, Importers and Builders (MIBs), as well as their dealer network, in the South African market.

The Manufacturer, Importer and Builder Tracking System keeps track of vehicles from manufacture/import, through introduction to eNaTIS, allocation to dealer, up to first registration.

The system allows for interaction between dealership and OEM to confirm that the vehicle information was captured correctly before the release for first registration takes place.

Registration of Asset by MIB (Manufacturer, Importer, Builder)
  1. Assets are loaded to SAMAR via MIBTrack
  2. MIB registers asset with its SAMAR Asset Number, and optionally the DataDot pin or UVTT
  3. SAMAR will register title to the bank and generate a title certificate
  4. SAMAR can now be used for the lifecycle of the asset to reflect changes in ownership, title, asset condition, insurer and tracking mechanism

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